This campaign was to win the government contract to manufacture modern engines for historic B-52 Bombers. I was responsible for multiple graphic treatments to market our engine to the government and public. After 4 years of marketing, we were awarded the $2.6 billion contract.

National Billboards

Digital billboards in specific US areas helped familiarize viewers with the name and features of our product.

DefenseNews Website Takeover

A DefenseNews website “takeover” was one the initial efforts to announce our canidacy for the contract. The main landing page was flooded with digital ads pushing our product’s capabilities and features. This provided the chance that our engine would be marketed to key personnel within the industry.

DefenseNews Magazine Cover Wrap

Furthermore, I designed a DefenseNews Magazine cover wrap promoting our company. Within the issue, I laid out a two-page spread to promote our people and products, as well as our investments in the US.

F-130 Announcement Event

We had an announcement event for our candidacy, which included company executives, news media and local government officials. I designed several animations for the screen presentation, as well as a countdown video to reveal the F130 engine as our entry into the government bid. A backdrop was used to capture photos of company executives with government officials to show the support of our city and state. I also laid out informational handouts about the company and the F130.
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Magazine Ad Campaigns

We placed ads in several aerospace magazine to further market the F130 engine.

Tradeshow Graphics

Tradeshow graphics were literally taken to another level. During one of our major shows, we used a booth with an upper level for important meetings. It was the first time the company had a booth of that magnitude. I used a vast amount of white, and added brand blue only to certain areas. I created backlit graphics of aircrafts powered by our products. A scaled model of the F130 was backed by a backlit tower of the B-52 aircraft. I used a column wrap graphic to disguise the column that interrupted the view of our booth.

Promotional Material

I designed several promotion items and apparel for tradeshow give-aways, as well as for the company store. It still amazes me to see personnel wearing the items in which I designed.
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Contract Win Celebration

After winning the contract, the company had an F130 employee appreciation event. It was attended by high level company execs, government officials, and other important personnel. Many of the graphics I created to support the four year effort were on display. I feel the company began to see the importance of using high quality graphic promotion in all of its efforts.
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