This was an event to celebrate the company’s 100 years of innovation in Indianapolis.The plan was to entertain 5,000 visitor. However, promotion of the event was so effective, that over 7,500 people attended.

Initial Graphics

There were several initial graphic treatments needed to promote the event. I created a logo that would serve as an identifier. It was used on signage, invitations, promotional items, and billboards.
CS2-2 CS2-9 CS2-1 CS2-3

Military Base Focus

Below are a couple of other billboard graphics. The first one focuses on the vertical lifting abilities of the Harrier Jet (left) and the F-35B (right). The Tinker graphic was also used in other graphic treatments as well.
CS2-4 CS2-5 CS2-8

Promotional Handouts

The event concluded with addresses by the company CEO and President, as well as key government personnel, like Vice Presidential candidate
Mike Pence. Overall, the event went better than expected. It was great honor to have my graphics promote such a large event.
CS2-6 CS2-7 CS2-10