This building in West Lafayette, Indiana has had great impact on my career. Originally, Rolls-Royce occupied a small percentage of this building. Over time, we have almost assumed the whole facility. I have completed multiple interior graphic projects for this building in my tenure. A new wing is being added now. I am sure I will get the opportunity to develop the design.

Purdue Aerospace History Mural

The most compelling graphic is an oversize mural I developed for the lobby, which can be seen from the exterior. It is illuminated during the evenings, and draws a lot of attention from the street corner. The mural ties Rolls-Royce historical technology with Purdue historic achievers.
ptca-1 ptca-5 ptca-4

Exterior Branding

Since acquiring the larger portion of the building, Purdue was gracious enough to allow the Rolls-Royce logo to be the primary logo on the exterior. I worked with a local signage group to properly size and locate the new illuminating logo. A new test cell was added recently. For wayfinding and fire code reasons, I had to create an exterior identification.
ptca-2 ptca-3
I created several large wall graphics for this facility. This stairwell is in a high traffic area. This graphic totally commands the area as beacon of inspiration, whether you are heading up or down the stairs.
ptca-6 ptca-7

Office Entrance

I designed upstairs office entry by breaking up the vast amount of white with splashes of brand treatment. The accent walls, brand colored furniture and patterned wallpaper, along with an oversize logo help brand the area upon entry. Company segment murals to the right of entry teach visitors how our business is structured.
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