This project was a total redesign of the entryway and hallways. It was originally completed in the mid-90s with muted greens, reds and tans. It had become very out-dated. I replaced this with vast amounts of white, which allowed for major splashes of brand colors. I used a variety of wall wrap graphics, 3D letters and large imagery to create experiences along the long hallways. Wayfinding was added to properly navigate the facility. Silver framed imagery filled the gaps between. I totally transformed the entire building to a modern futuristic place of work.


The security desk at entry was dated wood and had several view obstructions. It is now wrapped with modern laminates of light and dark gray with a marble desktop. The height was lowered to allow security to have a clearer view at incomers. The acrylic monogram is backed with a brand blue wall to immediately brand the entry.Company personnel and visitors are welcomed to the facility by a brand blue wall. The hanging aircrafts were left in place to display the products supported by the company.
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Office Hallway

The “Office” hallway consist of a painted secondary blue wall, and the opposing wall in an eggshell white. Wayfinding creates a consistent look down the corridor. I created several points of interest along this hallway. Firstly, the 3D American Made Jets Engines mural is seen at the entry to create a sense of pride in their work and the product.

Secondly, there is a mural dedicated to veterans working within the company. It was previously done in old-fashioned wood with etching. But now, it is metallic die-bond. This creates a cleaner modern mural for the area.
CS3-4 CS3-5 CS3-6
Thirdly, I created a mural made from magnetic panels. This was to create good moral between union and company personnel. The hardware allows the message to easily be revised as needed.

Lastly, I created murals that speak to the three key segments of the company (Defense, Civil, and Power Systems). Each segment is color-coded with secondary brand colored framed graphics.
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The auditorium is called out by large 3D letters in the hallway. The interior was covered in tan acoustic panels, as well as independent posters from internal initiatives. This is an important place of interaction for the company. Therefore, it needed to be a lot cleaner in its presentation. Light gray panels were installed as well as imagery and painted columns.
CS3-10 CS3-11

Meeting Hallway

The hallway has a light blue wall and an eggshell gray wall with a brand pattern stripe. The painted column support added a nice touch of brand color to the area. Small insets along th corridor were treated with graphic treatments of products and aircrafts. Silver framed images replaced dated black framed black and white imagery in specified areas. Insets at the end of long hallways (strikezones) were treated with appropriate imagery, wall tryptechs with large fabric prints were flanked with silver framed images to complete long runs.

This was a challenging project that required touching bases with all types of personnel (i.e. executives, logistics, printers, installers). I found it challenging to keep up with my everyday schedule. However, utilizing time management skills, passion and communication, I was able transform this facility into a modern, innovative place of business.
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