Awareness in Indy

I enjoyed experimenting with the image extending beyond the border. The intent was to inform people within the city about the actual product manufactured by this company. Often mistaken that cars were the product, the billboards clearly state with confidence, that aerospace engines are produced at this location. It was incredible to drive down the highway and see billboards in which I designed.

CS1-1 CS1-1 CS1-4 CS1-5

F130 for B-52

The B-52 campaign called for billboards in key US locations. The next two concepts were used on digital billboards throughout the country.
CS1-3 CS1-8

Military Base Focus

Below are a couple of other billboard graphics. The first one focuses on the vertical lifting abilities of the Harrier Jet (left) and the F-35B (right). The Tinker graphic was also used in other graphic treatments as well.
CS1-6 CS1-7