ACE is derived from an acronym for a debri anaylis process. It determines the type of debri in which aerospace engines accumulate during specific flight routes. This help engineers design engines better equipped to hand all types of debri build up. I was the sole design to develop its identity, console, and all promotional graphic treatments.

ACE Logo

The logo was the primary step in this process. It simply combines the crosshairs of the analysis equipment and engine blades. The rounded font mirrors the circular design of the software interface.

Console Design

When presented with the challenge of designing a console, I was very excited. I had to look at engineering drawings of all the components of the body. I chose brush nickel as a base color, and experimented with several options for brand color placement. I branded the side with a debossed logo, and the front with 3D decals. This was a great opportunity to do a kind of project that adds such a unique piece to my portfolio.

Segment Brochures

A capabilities brochure was developed for each segment of debri analysis: Civil, Helicopters, Corporate engines, and Defense.

Tradeshow Stand

This setup is used many tradeshows for demonstration purposes. This branded table wrap helps the unit to stand out against the background of any booth.

Transport Case

The brand case allows the console unit and supporting attachments to be shipped around the world as needed.

ace-4 ace-6

Office Interior

Finally, I was asked to create the interior treatment of the ACE office area in the Purdue Technology Center - Aerospace building. The area included a waiting area, main office and two conference areas. Several aspects of the design included paint, framed imagery, custom wallpaper and a 3D acrylic ACE logo.
ace-7 ace-8 ace-9 ace-10 ace-11